Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning: A lint filled vent can cause a house fire, reduce drying efficiency and increase your energy bill. Vents should be inspected yearly.  

Chimney and Fireplace Services and Repairs

Flue Repair:

Installation of insulated stainless steel lining systems.

Fire Guard -  A high temperature mortar to fill dangerous gaps in the flue.

Thermal (Infra-Red) scans:

Helps to locate potential hot spots during the operation of the system that could cause a house fire.

Rotary Sweep:

A rotary sweep uses heavier equipment to remove glazed on soot.  

Chimney Sweeping:

The standard sweep includes sweeping the flue from top to bottom and a general inspection of the heating system.




Masonry Repair:Clean the stains off of the chimney and repair damaged masonry.

Fireplace Renovation: Transform an old fireplace into a beautiful, warm center piece.



Water Repellent: Protect the chimney and fireplace from water damage with the application of a high quality water repellent.

Fireplace Inserts: Turn an old inefficient fireplace into a whole house heating system with the installation of a fireplace insert.


  • Homeowner information inspection - Just to make sure it's good to go.
  • Video scans - After a chimney fire to see if there's damage.
  • New home buyers - Inspect  the wood heating systems before you buy!
  • Insurance requested inspections.

Damper and Fireplace Fan Replacement:

New dampers for those old rusty ones and new fans for those old dusty ones.

Chimney Caps: Stainless steel, black, copper. You can cover just the flue or the whole chimney top.